Workout #6

Workout #6


Gob Squats with Tempo (5-3-0) 5 seconds down, 3 seconds hold and come up as quickly as weight will allow.

X 4 sets

Pushups with Tempo (5-3-0) X 4 sets

RDL with Tempo (5-3-0) 5 sec down, 3 sec hold at bottom, then come up. This can be very stressful so pick the appropriate weight. X 4 sets

DB Press with Temp (5-3-0) this one is in reverse, go up, 5 sec down, 3 sec hold at forehead come down repeat X 4 sets

Bench Row Come up and slowly go down X 4 sets

Weight will be lighter on all of these because the tempos are much harder. This is quite useful when you don’t have enough weight and your weights at home are too light


Tabata abs :20 work/:10 rest X 8

V-ups or alternating V-ups

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