Strength Sept 23rd


Deadlift and Press

8 at RPE-8, then break up 16 more reps over 2-4 sets.  Make sure you warm up and find the appropriate weight for the day.  This is the beginning of a new program so ease into this one.  I’d rather you go to RPE-7 for the first week if it is appropriate.  Once you discover the right weight make sure you do not return to RPE-8 again.  If the bar slows down during the break down reps…stop…rest 1-3 min, then go back until you have accomplished 16 total reps after the activation set.  


8@ RPE-8, then break up 16 more reps

Accessory Work:

Part 1—10-15 Single Arm Bench Press (Each side)to 10-15 Single Arm Bench Row (Each side) X 3 rounds

Part 2—10 Step Ups (5 each side) to RPE-8to 10 Single Leg Deadlifts (5 each side) to RPE-83 rounds (Good chance this could be the same weight for both)

Small Stuff

  1. Copenhagens
  2. Reverse Nordics
  3. Reverse Hypers
  4. Calf Raises
  5. Back Extensions

All to RPE-9, go to fatigue for 3 rounds. You might not have access to a GHD machine for back ext and rev. hypers.  You could do Supermans instead.

Team Abs:

1:00 each

  1. V-ups
  2. Russ Twists
  3. plank

3 Rounds

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