Breathing Sept 21st

Workout:  Row, bike, run, swim, or hike 45min-1 hour at easy base pace

Most people struggle with their aerobic cardiovascular system.  They are usually above their threshold.  To get faster sometimes you need to go slower.  If running, it is hard to go slow without losing running technique, so maybe go for a hike.  


RPE- 6 to 7

Zone 2

or Conversational pace (If you can’t talk it is too hard)Some people nasal breath during this effort, but the science is still not conclusive on nasal breathing being anything special other than it slows you down, which is good sometimes.  

I’m 45 and I try to hold my heart rate around 120-130, but heart rate can be deceiving depending on my overall fatigue.


“Excellence is a reflection of effort, skill, and luck—not your value as a person”  -Adam Grant
Easy breathing pace is a great time to reflect on what’s important.  

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