Strength – Sept 20th


Squat and Bench Press
8 reps at RPE-8, then break up 16 more reps with that same weight over 2-4 sets. This is the first of new programming. We are increasing our volume as we get closer to ski season. Once we are in the season, we will back off. There is a tendency to get a little more sore as we move through this block of programming. This is not ideal when in ski season and we will move to a maintenance phase.

Accessory Work

Part one

  • *2 Sleds
  • *15 Swings
  • *5 Box Jumps
  • 3 Rounds

Part Two

  • *Pullups to RPE-8
  • *10-15 Bench Row Each side
  • 3 Rounds

The Accessory work will progress and become more dynamic, using some plyometric movements.


  • 10-15 Curls
  • 10-15 Tricep Ext
  • 10-15 Lateral Shoulder Raises
  • 3 rounds


  • 10 Wheels
  • 20 Weighted Situps
  • 20 Russian Twists
  • 3 Rounds

Team Legs

  • :20 Squat
  • :10 Hold
  • X 6 sets

This is part of our ski prep programming.  We will be moving into more dynamic plyometric movements in 3 more weeks.  I would suggest a light kettlebell or bodyweight for the first week, but if you can accomplish all six sets without stopping then next week increase your weight or add weight.


If you don’t have access to a sled, then weighted step ups (10 reps) is a good option.  If you need more help with modifications comment in the forum below.  If you need more care then a GOAT Training coach can setup a call/zoom/facetime for more details.


This is the first week of a new program.  We have moved into a higher volume program as we move closer to ski season.  At first you could be sore, but that is not the goal.  Being sore is not evidence of a “good” workout.  Being a little sore is fine, but if you are sore week after week then something is not right.  What could be going on?  You might be choosing the wrong weight, you aren’t following the program correctly, your nutrition is off, your sleep is off, or your life stress could be a factor.
If you keep your RPE-8 in check hopefully you can increase weight each week.  Make sure the velocity of the bar moves quickly.  Effort Matters…try not to grind it out too much.  We aren’t trying to break records.  We are trying to keep moving for longer.

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