GET The GOAT Sept 24th

Get The GOAT

Teams of 4-6 (Solo version below)

10,000 meter ski or Rower 


20,000 meter Concept 2 Bike

Every 5 min everyone must stop and do one of these:

  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 10 Thrusters


Men- 25 to 35 # DB’s

Women- 15 to 25 # DB’s


1:00 Ski/Bike/Row or Run

2:00 “Rest”

X 15 rounds


Odd rounds= 5 burpees

Even rounds= 5 Thrusters
You have 2:00 to complete the Thrusters or Burpees, so this means give an effort of RPE-8 or 9 when on machine or running.


This is one of my favorite formats on Fridays. We were not able to do this format over the last year and it’s been fun to return to it. You don’t realize the intensity of this format until you get tossed in. It’s a jacked up kinda fun. Typically 15-20 min into the workout you are worried you can’t maintain the effort, but the others around you keep you motivated and keep you pushing. This is the value of a shared experience. If you are training for a specific event or have a specific goal, it might not be the most effective way to train. This type of effort leaves you pretty fatigued, but strangely there is a sense of accomplishment when done.

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