Strength- Sept 1st


Deadlift and Press
4 at RPE-8, then break up 14 reps over 5-6 sets.  Not returning to RPE-8 again. If the bar slows down rack it.

Accessory Work:
20 min Circuit (This is not a race.  This is a great way to involve multiple movements in a short period of time.  No more than 4 rounds)

1)  5 Pullups
2) 5 Tempo Gob Squats (5-3-0) to RPE-8
3) 10-15 Pushups
4) 10 Single Leg Deads 5 each side (kickstand) to RPE-8
5) 10-15 Bench Row Each side.  (Rep ranges:  When given a rep range, make sure you pick the appropriate weight.  If you can’t get to 10 it’s too heavy.  If you can get to 15 then go up in weight)

Small Stuff:
3 rounds all to RPE-9
1) Copenhagens
2) Reverse Nordics
3) Back extensions or Supermans
4) Calf Raises Each side

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