Strength Oct. 20th


2- count Pause Squat and Forehead Pause Press

6@RPE-8 then break up 12 more reps

Yes, we are squatting again. I anticipated that everyone would be quite sore from the jumping lunges. There’s no better way to work out the soreness other than just continuing to move. Being sore is not evidence of a good workout but every once and while we get sore. That can come from a change in program, change in weight on the bar, change in volume, or a new movement we haven’t done in a while.

The question I always get after a day like Monday is, “Should I stretch?” or “Should I foam roll?”

My question back is always, “Well, do you like stretching or foam rolling? Does it make you feel better and allow you to move more after?” If it’s no, then I say don’t do. Don’t waste your time or money. If it is yes, then have at it. But I do like to help people understand that it might not be doing what they think it is doing. There is no inherent physiological change that happens from stretching or foam rolling. There is no injury risk reduction from foam rolling or stretching. It does not help your muscles recover, unless it allows you to feel better resulting in more movement.

Movement is king. You need to sleep. You need to have proper nutrition. You need to reduce your stress. If these are an issue most likely your pain experience or soreness could be heightened.

Accessory Work

Part 1: 3 Rounds

Back Extensions to RPE-9

20 Weighted step ups 10 each side to RPE-8

20 Single Leg Deads 10 each side to RPE-8

Part 2: 3 Rounds

Copenhagens to RPE-9

Pushups to RPE-9 (do as many reps as possible until quality drops)

10-15 Bench Row each side

Part 3: 3 Rounds

Banded Hip Flexor March to RPE-9 each side

10-15 Curls

10-15 Tricep Ext

10-15 Lateral Raises

Team ABS:

1:00 each X 3 Rounds

  1. Atomic Situps
  2. Bike Crunch
  3. Plank

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