Get the GOAT

Teams of 4-5 (solo version below)

50 min Max Calories

  1. Ski
  2. Bike
  3. Row

Switch every minute to each machine. Everyone stops every 5 min before getting on machine or before rest and does 20 Jumping lunges the next 5 min do 10 Burpees and continue every 5 min.

Team of 4:

Partner 1- ski

Partner 2- Bike

Partner 3- Row

Partner 4- Rest

Solo: 50 min

1 Min Ski

1 Min Bike

1 Min Row

1 Min Rest

Top teams got 750 cals on Ski, 690 on Bike and 650 on the rower

This is more like a 3 min work/1 min rest workout. Every once and while you will get screwed and have to do the exercise during your rest, so be prepared. If you are more of a sprinter and lack aerobic fitness this workout will be a struggle, but that’s why we do this stuff. I struggled during this one. My fitness is not where it was 3 months ago, but I just have to deal with it. Life happens. After injuries, travel, and weather changing my consistency with longer sustained efforts is not where it was. It was revealing and motivating to get back.

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