Strength Oct 18th


Split Squat with Barbell or dumbbells

8 at RPE-8 each side, then break up 16 more reps each side

Bench 2-count Pause

6 at RPE-8, then break up 12 more reps.


4 at RPE-8, then break up 24 more reps

Accessory work

2 Sleds to 15 Swing to RPE-8 X 3 Rounds

10-15 Landmine Pivot Press to 10-15 Landmine rows X 3 rounds

10-15 DB Floor Press to 20 Wipers X 3 rounds


The game of team legs is getting harder and harder. We are beginning to include some dynamic/plyomteric movements in the program for 3-4 weeks. Now, if you have a history of knee issues or knee pain I caution you to perform the Jumping Lunges for all 8 rounds or even at all. There is a risk reward that can be beneficial for transferability to skiing, but if you are not strong enough yet or conditioned yet to land in a lunge then I would encourage you to just do Reverse lunge instead. If you spend your time off piste on the mountain or ski bumps, it would probably be smart to do some dynamic movements now in a controlled environment. This one will leave a mark, some call it “leaving a John Mark”. Again, new movements will typically induce some soreness, but that should not be every time you do it. Hopefully the body will adapt and the impact on the body will subside each week. Also, there is a reason we are doing split squats and jumping lunges on the same day. That is not by accident.

:20 Jumping Lunges/ :10 Rest X 8 rounds

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