GET The GOAT- Oct 15th


Teams of 3-4 (solo version below)

Part 1

12 min Max meters on the Ski Erg

BUY IN: 50 Thrusters

(each person on the team must do 50 Thrusters before you start on the SKI, whatever time is remaining get as many meters as possible.)

Part 2

12 Min Max meters on the Bike ERG

BUY IN: 50 Burpees (same format as Ski)

Part 3

12 Min Max meters on the Row Erg

BUY IN: 12 Plate Pushes (sub 70 Weighted Stepups for Plate Pushes. Same format)


12 min max rounds of 250m row to 10 Thrusters

12 min Max rounds of 500m Bike to 10 Burpees

12 min Max rounds of 250m row to 2 plate pushes

If you are solo try to get 7 rounds in each round. The top teams got a total of 11,033 meters with 2917 on the ski, 5753 on the bike and 2363 on the rower. You need someone on the team to go out really hard on the exercises to make sure you have as much time as possible on the machine. If you have someone that is very fast and proficient on burpees get them to go for it. Even if that first person does not produce much on the machine but gets there 30-45 seconds faster it’s better than taking too long and pacing on the exercise. Don’t save anything. If you are first get started and the rest of your team will be there soon…hopefully! Once the rest of your team is there to help get a breather, let them share the load…

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