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Vacation Workout

Workout on vacation? We planned to surf but wanted to get up in the morning and get moving. Some people rest completely on vacations and some like to be as active as possible. It doesn’t matter. You will not lose your fitness or strength in a week. If it makes you feel better then stay as active as you want.

Here’s a fun, fast and simple one:

Run 30-45 min at whatever pace you want. I don’t run that much but I always run on vacation. It gives me a chance to explore.

Tabata Pushups- :20 pushups/:10 rest X 8 (This was shockingly hard. I held plank through the :20 effort once I could not complete quality pushups)

Tabata Air Squats– :20 Squat/:10 squat Hold X 8

Abs: 3 rounds

20 situps

20 Flutter Kicks

20 Heel Raise

20 Bike Crunch

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