Home Workout

14 min Circuit

  1. 10 Gob Squats
  2. 10 Pushups
  3. 10 Single Leg Deads 5 each side
  4. 10 Bench Row each side
  5. 1 min Plank

14 min Circuit

  1. Squat hold until you reach RPE-9 (close to failure) weighted or unweighted
  2. Pushup low hold to RPE-9. Try to keep chest and chin close to ground and hold until close to failure
  3. Single leg Glute bridge hold to RPE-9 each side
  4. TRX or Inverted Row slow tempo to RPE-9. Stop when you start recruiting other body parts in the movement
  5. Side Plank Hold to RPE-9 each side


60 situps

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