Stay moving!

Sometimes we wake up with phantom injuries. Sleeping is dangerous. These non-specific injuries can sometimes be frustrating and defeating. You don’t know why your shoulder hurts. You don’t know why your knee hurts, but for some reason today is that day. Stay moving. Worrying about the how or why can become all consuming. Most likely if you move, back off and take it easy the pain symptoms will subside with time. Moving reminds you that you are ok. Find something that you can do rather than focusing on what you can’t do. There are so many other factors to pain which can be psychological, social, stress etc…

10 cal Ski

10 cal Bike

10 Cal row

20 cal Ski

20 Cal Bike

20 Cal row

30 Cal of each

40 Cal of each

50 Cal of each and then back down the ladder at moderate to easy pace

This is one of my go-to’s when I just need to move and not crush myself. The variety keeps it interesting. If you don’t have these machines then try this:

1 min run/1:00 rest

2 min run/1:00 rest

3 min Run/1:00 rest

all the way to 6:00 and then go back down the ladder

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