Strength Nov. 8th


This is the last week of this program. There are some slight changes, but mostly the same as last week. The team Legs will change next week with only 3 more weeks of that leading up to the ski season. We will be returning to a lower volume program as ski season gets here.

Barbell or Dumbbell Split Squats

8 at RPE-8 each side, then break up 16 more reps each side.

When you have reps to break up try not to return to RPE-8 again. If the bar slows down and your velocity coming up slows down rack the bar until you have reached a total of 16 reps each side. This break down could be 8 each side X 2 sets totaling 16, but most likely that would mean that the RPE-8 at the beginning wasn’t truly an RPE-8. Getting that first activation set correct and hitting the 8 at RPE-8 correctly will make sure that the effort is in the right place. It is hard to judge “RPE”. Go to the RPE section of the website to learn more. The break down sets could look like this if it’s right:

Activation set- 8 reps at RPE-8 each side

Set 2- 7 each side

Set 3- 5 each side

Set 4- 4 each side

Total each side= 16

2- count Pause Bench Press

6 at RPE-8, then break up 12 more reps.


6 at RPE-8, then break up 18 more reps

Accessory Work

Part 1:

10 Single Leg Deadlifts each side to RPE-8, , then 10-15 single leg Glute Bridge each side X 3 sets

Part 2:

5 Renegade Rows (2 dumbbells, pushup, plank row each side) into 10-15 Push Press X 3 sets (use the same weight)


10-15 Curls

10-15 Tricep Ext

10-15 Lateral Raises

ABS: 3 rounds

20 Wipers

20 Russian Twists

20 Weighted Situps

Team LEGS:

:20 Jumping lunges/:10 rest X 8 rounds

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