I usually like to call it “breathing” cause for some reason people assume “cardio”, “endurance” or aerobic work always means hard. That should not be the case.

It is harder to go slow with friends, in a class, or on the mountain bike trails. Finding a pace that is manageable takes discipline. Just cause you are breathing hard doesn’t mean it is more effective than something easy.

Going for a long walk, an easy spin or a hike might be better for aerobic development. I went for an easy bike on Saturday. Friday’s Get the GOAT wore me out. I felt extra fatigued, so I chose a trail that wouldn’t ask too much from me. I needed to get outside for my brain, but kept my heart rate down. When I saw someone ahead of me I didn’t chase them down. My competitive spirit usually gets the best of me and I fail to take it easy, but Saturday I did it. Yay me…haha

Sunday I decided to try something new. I wanted to get uncomfortable and do something that is a struggle for me.

Speed Hike up Cresta then run down catwalk X 4 rounds

I don’t care what your pace is, but run or walk up something steep and get really uncomfortable. See how many rounds you can get in for 45 min.

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