Get The GOAT

45 Min Max Meters on Ski Erg (Teams of 3-5, solo below)

Switching off with teammates every 15-20 pulls or 20-30 sec is probably ideal until the game changes…then all bets are off.

Every 5 min. all teammates must stop and do all of these before returning to the Ski Erg.

  1. 20 Jumping Lunges
  2. 5 KB Complex (walkout, pushup, walk back, clean KB, Squat/press)
  3. 20 Bench Hops

Fast athletes were able to complete all 3 exercises in 1:00-1:15, but most were finishing around 2 min. The faster you have a teammate move through the exercises the quicker the ski erg is back and moving. The less time it is idle the better. Fast teams were getting over 10,000 meters. Brooke asked me at 6am what I thought about a team of 3? I said that would be terrible. At 10:30 I was on a team with Brent and Hannah. It was exactly what I thought…

Solo Version:

1:00 Machine/2:00 “Rest” X 15 rounds


round 1= 20 Jump lunges or reverse lunges

Round 2= 5 KB complexes

Round 3= 20 Bench hops or 40 mountain climbers

Continue until you reach 15 rounds.

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