Strength- Additional Day


Deadlift and Incline Bench Press

6 reps at RPE-8, then break up 12 more reps

Accessory Work:

4 Rounds

  1. 10 Gob Squats
  2. 10 Single Arm Bench Press each side
  3. 5 Pullups
  4. 20 Weighted Walking Lunges
  5. 40 Mountain Climbers

This is not a complicated or particularly hard workout, but some weeks it is nice to add in a little volume and get some additional lifts in. It is the off-season (mud-season) and for most of our clients their physical output has reduced significantly. Making sure you pay attention to nutrition is crucial. Your output is lower than normal because of weather, but your input of calories is the same? That might not play out well.

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