Strength Nov 18th


Deadlift and Press

4 @ RPE-8, then break up 8 more reps not returning to RPE-8 again. Usually if it is done right it could look like this. Obviously this is an example:

Warmup sets

Set 1- Bar X 4 reps

Set 2- 95# X 4 reps

Set 3- 135# X 4 reps

Set 4- 155# X 4 reps at RPE-8. You were building up and realized this is the appropriate weight for the day. This is called your activation set. You will stay at this weight and break up 8 more reps. That could look like this

Set 5- 155# X 3 reps

Set 6- 155# X 3 reps

Set 7- 155# X 2 reps


Reps to RPE-9. Do as many reps as you can to RPE-9, that means you have one more rep left in the tank. Take your total reps and do half of that number Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes. If you did 8, then do 4 reps every minute.

Accessory Work

This is when we remind our bodies how to sprint and get into our fast twitch system. Those muscle fibers can go dormant but we can get them back to some extent. This is not designed as a interval workout, but designed to tap into your max effort. I am not giving you a set rest time or giving you how many sets to do. Rest as long as you need to fully recover between each set. This could be 3 minutes or up to 6 or 7 minutes. Looks like this:

:30 Ski or Bike Sprint

:45-1:00 Farmer Carry

Rest as long as you need.

You will need to pay attention to some type of metrics to make sure you give the most effort possible. Maybe meters in :30 or Avg watts in :30 seconds. After your first round, see if you can beat it in the second round, once your sprinting ability diminishes the game is over.

Small Stuff: All to RPE-9 for 3 rounds

  1. Copenhagens
  2. Back Ext
  3. Calf Raises
  4. Reverse Nordics
  5. Reverse Hypers
  6. Banded Hip Flexor March

Team Abs: 4 Rounds :30 each

  1. Side Crunch
  2. Side Crunch
  3. Russ Twists
  4. MT Climbers
  5. Plank

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