Strength Nov. 15th


We are moving into a new program for the next 4-5 weeks. We will keep the “Team Legs” for the next 4 weeks, but reduce the volume on the strength lifts. The weight will increase and reps are going down compared to where we have been.

Back Squat and Bench Press

4 at RPE-8, then break up 8 more reps, not returning to RPE-8 again. The 4 at RPE-8 weight sets the tone for the workout. Make sure you build up for 3-5 warmup sets to figure out the appropriate weight for the given day. You might feel good with 135 for 4 reps at RPE-8 this week but next week life might get in the way and your RPE-8 next week will leave you at 125. Or, you feel amazing next week and your 4 @ RPE-8 is at 145. It is the stress that matters, not the weight. Once you discover the weight for today break up 8 more reps. If you are able to break up 4 and 4 again, then the 4 at RPE-8 probably was not an “8”. It might look like this: set 1- 4 reps, set 2-3 reps, set 3- 1 rep. If the bar slows down, rack it!


4 at RPE-8, the break up 12 more reps

Accessory Work

Part 1: 3 Rounds

2 Sleds

15 KB Swings

5 Box Jumps

Maintaining power is essential. This is not a race. If you feel that your box jumps are losing power and explosiveness, then rest more between the other sets. This is not an endurance effort. You might start with 1-2 min rest between sets, but need 3-4 minutes by the 3rd set. Strength and power require more rest to produce the same effort.

Part 2: 3 rounds

5 Renegade Rows

10-15 Push Press

Just like part one, make sure the weight is correct and if form declines in the second set that might be a good indicator that you did not use the correct amount of rest

Arms: 3 Rounds

10-15 Curls

10-15 Tricep Ext

10-15 Lateral Raises

Abs: 4 rounds

10 Wheels

10 Weighted Situps

Team Legs: 4 Rounds

:20 Gob Squats

:10 Rest

:20 Jump Squats

:10 Rest

Find a KB weight that is challenging for gob squats. If you start with Jump Squats and the power diminishes, go to Air Squats, instead of Jump Squats. If quality diminishes, then go to air squats. If you make it through all the Jump squats this week, then add weight to gob squats next week. Do not suffer through this one just to accomplish all the jump squats. Let’s try to train right under your threshold so you can see progress instead of getting crushed.

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