Starter Program: Intro & Warm-Up

Starter Program

If you have not spent much time at GOAT, no time at GOAT or have little strength training experience this starter program will walk you through the basics of how we program.  This program will give you an intro to the movements, the approach and the effort we need to have while strength training.  It will also include our methodology toward the appropriate amount of strength training, aerobic recommendations, and anaerobic efforts.  

The weekly recommendations are for 2-3 days of resistance or strength training per week, 3-5 hours per week of easy base cardiovascular work and 1.5-3 hours of moderate to intense cardiovascular work per week.  Our program is designed for all.  Most athletes struggle with the easy base cardio because they are always working too intensely during workouts.  Not all workouts should hard.  People that are working on general strength for everyday life usually are missing the intense element of exercise.  We all need to work on the details and have something to work on.  Don’t get too overwhelmed by those recommendations, but start working toward a more balanced exercise regimen.  

We outline this by including 2-3 days of “strength” workouts per week, base cardiovascular will be included in the “breathing” section, and the more intense cardio will be included in the “Challenges” and “Get The GOAT” workouts.  

This first week program will hopefully ease you into the normal program.  You can repeat this for 3 weeks or as long as you need before jumping into the daily workouts.  The workouts will build in effort, we will increase the amount of exercises, and increase the amount of volume.  Remember to check the “exercise list” for videos and instruction when movements are listed.  Don’t worry if the movements are foreign to you.  The weight used is more important than having the perfect technique, that will come with time.  Your range of motion will develop as you get stronger.

Warmup:  We have a warmup that a lot of folks at the gym use below, but if you have something you like go for it:

  1. 10 Gob Squats
  2. 10 RDL’s
  3. 10 T-pushups
  4. Bear Crawl 20 meters
  5. Walking Lunge 20 meters

If you are feeling a little off or need more warmup jump on a machine to get your core temperature to a good place.  I spend more time under the bar when squatting.  Sometimes I do multiple reps of squats with a bar to get warmed up.  My coach, who squats 635#, warms up for 10 min with a bar only.

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