Strength Dec. 1st


Deadlift and Press

4 at RPE-8, then break up 16 more reps.


Max Reps to RPE-9, then 1/2 those reps for 5 min EMOM

Accessory Work

“The Sprints”

:30 Sprint (ski, bike, row, some other machine or run)

:30-45 KB Rack Hold

Rest as long as needed

Repeat if you feel like you could produce another sprint effort. The goal is to go to max effort. Use the metrics from last week and try to improve.

Small Stuff: 3 Rounds all to RPE-9

  1. Copenhagens
  2. Back Extensions
  3. Calf Raises
  4. Reverse Nordics
  5. Reverse Hypers
  6. Banded Hip Flexor March

Team ABS:

:30 Each X 6 rounds. (This one is quite hard and feels like it goes forever, so modify if needed)

  1. Situps
  2. Bike Crunch
  3. Russian Twists

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