Strength Dec. 15th

Deadlift and Press

5 at RPE-8, then break up 10. This is the beginning of new programming. The first week it’s always hard figuring out the appropriate weight

Accessory Work

Part 1: 5 rounds

  1. 5 Pullups
  2. 10 Renegade Rows

(This is quite hard! Use assistance for for pull-ups if needed. Use your knees for pushups in renegade rows if needed. Most people rested 2-3 min between sets)

Part 2: 5 Rounds

1:00 Weighted Step ups

1:00 Rest

Small Stuff: 3 rounds

  1. Copenhagens
  2. Glute Bridge each side
  3. Back Extensions
  4. Calf Raises
  5. Reverse Nordics
  6. Reverse Hypers
  7. Banded Hip Flexor March

Team ABS: 4 rounds

1:00 Each

  1. Alternating V-ups
  2. Plank Knee to Elbow

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