Strength Aug 30th


Squat and Bench Press
4 at RPE-8, then break up 14 reps over 5-6 sets.  Not returning to RPE-8 again. If the bar slows down rack it.

4 at RPE-8, then break up 14 reps.  Some might need to use weight to reach RPE-8, others might need to use a band or some assistance.  You can even use a TRX or inverted row.

Accessory Work

Part 1-
2 Heavy Sleds (10 weighted steps up) into 5 Box Jumps for 3 sets

Part 2-
4 sets all to RPE-9
10 Bent Row
10 Rev Flys
10 Press

Part 3- Arms
3 sets
10-15 Curls
10-15 Tricep Ext

Part 4- Abs
10 Wheels
10 Weighted Situps
20 Russ Twists

Part 5-
Team Legs
:20 Rev Lunges
:10 Hold on one leg
6 Sets (3 each side)

We are trying to build up our volume as we approach the Winter…yes Winter.
We do not promote Ski conditioning, because we believe conditioning actually happens on the snow.  But, can we prepare the body for skiing?  We want the body to be adaptable to more volume, become resilient, and ready for the stress of skiing.  Before we jump, before we start agility, before we pound the joints, we want the body to be as prepared as possible.  The force induced through jumping, landing and skiing type of motions are significant.  Sometimes it is 3 X the amount of your body weight when landing.  If we can get the body to handle more load and more repetitive load then we will be able to adapt to skiing quicker…in theory.

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