Starter Program: Day 5

DAY 5:


This is the hardest and most intense workout of the week.  You might need to place this in a day of the week that works best for you, but we like finishing the week with GTG.  It might leave you quite fatigued the day after but hopefully not too sore.  We don’t want the gym to take away from your sports and activities but add to them.  Our goal is to keep you doing the things you love for longer.  We are all about longevity!

Here is a solo version and it could look like this:

45 min Max Rounds (AMRAP- As Many Rounds As Possible)

  1. 250 Meter Ski
  2. 10 Gob Squats
  3. 500 M Bike
  4. 10 Burpees
  5. 250 M Row
  6. 20 Weighted Step Ups or step ups (10 each side)

If you don’t have all those machines available you can sub a 400 meter run, 2 min elliptical, 2 min stair step machine, or any stationary bike for 2 min

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