Home Workout

I’m on vacation. I was able to convince my buddies to do a workout with me. I just want to move. It’s really simple.

“I Go, You Go”

Partners (10 rounds each for time)

Partner 1: Run 400 meters

Partner 2: “Rest” During rest do 10-15 Pushups and 10 jump squats

When partner 1 is running partner 2 is moving through the 10-15 pushups and 10 jump squats, whatever is left in the time go into plank until partner 1 is back from run for the first 5 rounds, no plank after round 5, only 10-15 pushups and 10 jump squats. Whatever is left in time rest after round 5.

While Partner 1 is going through the movements while partner 2 is running.

Solo Version:

400 meter run

10-15 Pushups

10 Jump Squats

:45-1:00 min plank

1:00 min rest

X 10 Rounds

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