Strength Dec. 6th

Strength Dec. 6th

Squats and Bench Press

There is a temptation to “just finish” the 20 reps and go beyond the effort that is asked.  Sometimes I catch people drop weight and do more reps.  You might not have to rest that long, but try to be disciplined.  When you are breaking up the reps it might look like this:  One more set of 4 reps after the 4 @ 8, then 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 1 totaling 20 reps.  That’s 7 sets.  If it is done right you might take 5-7 minutes building up to the 4 at RPE-8 and then 14 minutes working on the break up reps.  So, somewhere around 20 minutes or more for each lift.  Both lifts could take you 40 minutes.  

With the Accessory lifts it might take you over an hour to an hour and a half to finish the prescribed workout.  If you don’t have the time for that don’t stress.  Just get through what you can…

You might spend 10 or more minutes for pull-ups.  20 minutes for the other accessory stuff.  5 minutes for the Team Legs.

This is the final week of Team Legs and the 4 at RPE-8 rep scheme.  


4 at RPE-8, then break up 24 more reps

Accessory Work

(I am aware that most of you might not have access to sleds.  I will try to include more alternatives or modifications to Sleds and other movements in the exercise list.  The website is changing, we are continuing the make it flow better and become more user friendly)

Part 1: 3 Rounds 

2 Sleds

15 KB Swings

5 Box Jumps

Part 2: 3 rounds

10-15 Push Press

10-15 Bench Row Each side

ARMS: 3 rounds

10-15 Curls

10-15 Tricep Ext

10-15 Lateral Raises

ABS: 3 Rounds 

10 Weighted Situps

10 Knee Hug Press

(Try to use the same weight for both.  If knee hug press is too stressful on the lower back, modify accordingly with weight or do it non-weighted)


:20 Gob Squats

:10 Rest

:20 Jump Squats

:10 Rest 

X 4 Rounds

(I have been watching people shorten their depth to accomplish more rounds in the Jump squats.  Quality always over quantity)

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