GET the GOAT- Oct 8th

Get The GOAT


“The beginning”

10 min Max Calorie ROW


For Time take the total calories from row and that will be your reps and calories for the main part of the workout

  1. DB Snatch
  2. Ski Erg
  3. Box Jumps
  4. Bike Erg

This was hilarious to watch. I did not reveal the format of the workout until after the 10 min max cal row! They went out hard, so it made the rest of the workout appropriate for all. A couple guys (Chad and Landa) didn’t want to row and I told them they should. They didn’t trust me. They paid for it! Strong guys were getting about 220 cals on the row. So, that meant 220 DB Snatch split between the partners. Only one working at a time. Then, 220 cals on the Ski, 220 Box Jumps, and 220 Cals on the Bike.

They got what they deserved cause they got 283 cals on the bike…haha!

Men- 25-40# dumbbells

Women- 15-25# dumbbells

Solo Version was just as effective…

1:00 Bike/1:00 rest X 5

Take the total calories from 5 rounds and perform same movements with the reps and calories given

Now, it is harder knowing what you are up to, so don’t sandbag the effort cause you know what’s coming. I knew and it took a lot out of me to not slow down. But when you are with Brent it’s hard to slow down. Positive peer pressure!

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