15 min max rounds

10 Cal ski

5 Thrusters

“I go, you go”

Partner 1: 10 cals then 5 Thrusters

Partner 2: rests, then start on machine when partner 1 completes thrusters

The twist= Each round add 1 more rep to Thrusters, might get to 12 or more Thrusters?


Women: 15-25# DB’s 

Men: 25-35# DB’s

PART 2- 15 min Max Rounds

10 Cal Bike

5 Burpees
Same format as ski.  Add 1 rep each round

PART 3- 15 min Max Rounds

10 Cal Row

5 Box Jumps

(Some Teams reached 18 rounds, 9 rounds each)

Solo Version:

15 min X 3 

10 Cal Machine

5 reps of exercise

1:00 rest

Each round add 1 rep to exercise, but Calories stay at 10.

I did this workout with the 10:30 Class. Let’s just say the intensity was through the roof. I decided to do co-ed partners cause the group was perfect for that! Typically big guys crush the machine and 10 cals are not a big deal at all. They have a lot of weight behind them. So, when you pair a male with a female it sometimes can be unfair…the female doesn’t get much rest and it’s purely about weight. But, with this workout the equalizing factor was the exercise. As you move further through the rounds the big guys started to struggle. The 10 calories were less of a factor. No matter how fast you are on the machines, it doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up with burpees, box jumps and thrusters.

Also, this was a fun one to do with Laura! I might have been faster on the machine at first but her efficiency on the exercises put us right in the mix with the heavy hitters!

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