Challenge- July

July Challenge

100 Calorie Concept 2 bike

Stop every min and do 5 burpees

Time is over when you complete 100 calories

(If you cannot do Pull-ups, sub 8 Push press with 30% of Bodyweight)

When it comes to challenges a fast time is the goal, but not at the expense of the movement.  Quality over quantity!  

Remember, it’s just a workout.  We come up with this silly stuff to get uncomfortable and try something you wouldn’t normally do.  

Our hope is to get you more comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Now, when it come to myself…I have trouble backing off when I need to. I felt pretty comfortable trying this workout because of the pull-ups, but I was not listening to my body. I had just come off a wonderful procedure (vasectomy…TMI?) that didn’t go as planned. I took 4 weeks off, practically doing nothing. It killed me cause I was feeling so good. I was feeling fit on my bike and strong in the gym. The procedure set me back significantly, but this workout design lured me in. I think I saw a version of this from our friends at Nonprophet, in Salt Lake. I went out way too hard, blew up, there was smoke in the air, and I spent the next 4 weeks dealing with lung issues. I know better, but sometimes we don’t listen to our “knowing”.

I want to model discipline and choosing to listen to my body, but some days that monkey brain takes over. There are consequences for our decisions, good and bad. It’s all a part of the human experience

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