Get The GOAT

Get The GOAT

We are still in a sustainable phase! Still trying to figure out our aerobic pacing and aerobic cardio. I saw way too many people go out too hard in the first 10 min. I would rather you build up after the first 10 minutes than blow up at minute 30! This is not designed to be easy but figuring out the fastest pace possible is crucial…fastest that you can maintain for 50 min is much slower than your :30 sprint from Wednesday. That should be understood but people get greedy and don’t listen to their body.

This is the last of jumping on Fridays for a while. Ski season is here, even though the snow is not. We have two more weeks of Jumping/dynamic movements in the Team Legs Section on the next two Mondays. In the words of Barry Davis, “This was quite effective!”

Teams Max Meters for 50 min (solo version is the exact same, but just no totaling meters)

Partner 1: Ski Erg

Partner 2: Bike Erg

Partner 3: Row Erg

Partner 4: 10 Jump Lunges-10 Jump Squats- 10 Burpees

You will switch to each station every 2 min. That’s 6 min on the machine and the last one will take you 1 min if you are fast and could take you 2 min if you move slower. Take the total meters from all the machines. The Rower will be the slowest because of transitions and it’s the last of the 6 min of machines. Try to maintain the same wattage on all machines if possible. Some people are always stronger on different machines, especially if you are a cyclist you will most likely be much better on the Bike Erg. Fast groups were over 12,000 meters on the Ski, over 24,000 on the bike and 12,000 on the rower.

Solo will look the same: 2 min Ski, 2 min Bike, 2 min Row, 10 Jump Lunges-10 Jump Squats-10 Burpees in 2 min

If you only have one machine?: 6 min machine, 2 min “rest”…”rest” = 10JUMPlunges, 10 Jump squats, 10 burpees for 50 min

We have been discussing water intake and hydration at the gym. I watch many people stop frequently during a workout and drink lots of water. I am not sure if it is just a habit or not? Most likely you do not need to drink any water for a 50 min workout. You should be hydrated before. If you are a heavy mouth breather, then most likely you are getting “cottonmouth”. If you need to wet your mouth that is one thing, but hydrating before and after a workout should be plenty. If you are going on a long ride or long run beyond an hour that is bigger conversation and hydration is absolutely necessary. You should have a plan. You should hydrate regularly during a bigger adventure. I usually drink water every 30 min during a long effort, but in the gym I do not.

Why do I bring this up? I think there is a psychological impact that can be negative when you continually run to your water bottle when it is time to keep going and keep pushing. That urge to drink water might be a learned trait and not any evidence that you are dehydrated.

I am not saying you don’t need water, you need to be hydrated, but maybe not as much as you think during exercise.

For more info on this you should read Waterlogged: The serious problem of over hydration in endurance sports written by Dr. Timothy Noakes

It’s fascinating. It discusses cramping, over hydration and studies show a significant rise in death from over hydration in marathons, not dehydration. This conversation is quite nuanced, but if you are an endurance athlete it is a must read.

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