Every once in a while I will invite a few people to the gym on a gloomy, rainy day on the weekend. It is usually those crazy few that like to go to a special place…

This workout is not for everyone, but it gives me a chance to try out some new formats. This is a very long workout. Remember, these challenges can put you on the edge and ask you to go to dark places. Make sure you keep your ego in check. Stay strict. Strict is always stronger. Don’t go to failure. If you need to adjust the weight then do so.

The Appetizer

4 min EMOM (Every 4 minutes on the minute) X 5

10 Deadlifts at 70-75% of your deadlift weight for 4 @ 8 you lifted this week. (you can sub 15 Heavy KB Swings)

1000 Meter Bike

(This will take you around 3 min to complete, so you will have whatever time in the 4 minutes that is left to rest.)

I was quite surprised how accurate the weight was for me. It got me to that edge. Pacing yourself is crucial.


4 Min EMOM X 5

10 Bench Press at 70-75% of your weight this week for 4 @ RPE-8. You can do 15-20 Pushups instead of bench press. The 5th set I had to break up the 10 reps otherwise I would have gone to failure, so be smart.

500 Meter Bike

The Main Course (This can be done solo or partnered)

Buy in: This part is solo

1000 meter Ski

2000 Meter Bike

1000 Meter Row

Stop every 3 minutes and do 10 DB Snatch with 35-55# DB’s.

The Game: As soon as one person finishes they can get started on this. If you are partnered up, only one person working at a time.

100 Wall Balls

50 Burpee Pullups

50 Burpee Box Jumps

50 Wall Balls

25 Burpee Pullups

25 Burpee Box Jumps

All must stop every 3 minutes and complete 20 meter weighted Bear Crawls.

If you are solo the “Game” portion should be this: 75 Wall Balls, 40 Burpee Pullups, 40 Burpee Box Jumps

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