Home Workout- Thanksgiving style

Home Workout

I realized many of you will not have access to a gym this week. You might be stuck inside a house all week during Thanksgiving. So, here are some options to play with for Thanksgiving.

Option 1: Motivate your family to participate in a Turkey Trot. Focusing on something beyond TV, football and food might be a good idea…just maybe. Even if you all walk that’s fine!

Option 2:

35 Min “AMRAP” As Many Rounds As Possible (all bodyweight)

  1. 10 Burpees
  2. 20 Air Squats
  3. 30 Side Plank Reach (15 each side)
  4. 40 Revers Lunges (20 each side)
  5. 50 Mountain Climbers
  6. 60 Step ups (30 each side) or 400 meter Run

We are thankful for you! We are thankful for this opportunity to train you even though we are not in person. We hope you have a day filled with love and gratitude. Being able to move is always a good reminder. You might not be in an ideal situation today but be thankful for what you do have!

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