12.24 GET The GOAT

Get The GOAT

Santa’s Sleigh

This is my favorite workout of the year! It’s meant to be more fun than hard, but of course it always becomes hard…

I am reminded of the amazing community we have and the Holidays can be so hard for so many people. This is just simple fun! We had our Christmas party last night and I am still overwhelmed by the people that come to this space. They suffer together, they laugh, they cry and enjoy all that we have more than ever. Check on your people! Make sure they are ok. Be vulnerable. Be willing. Be open to all that life has for you!

Workout: (Solo Version below)

40 Min Max Meter Ski erg in teams of 4-6.

after each turn you have to push a team member in the sled 2 times then get back on the ski erg

Solo Version:

:30 ski, bike or row/ 1:30 “rest” X 10

In your “rest” do 5 burpees


:30 ski, bike or row/ 1:30 “rest” X 10

In your “rest” do 12 weighted step ups

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