12.23 Challenge

POW Ski Erg Challenge (solo version below)

We have the privilege each year to participate in a Ski Erg Challenge organized by our friends in Boulder at Apline Training Center. They put together a fantastic event that is a fundraiser for Protect Our Winters. Climate Change continues to be a concern in the resort areas and we see the direct effects. This organization has continued to be a big influence in bringing awareness to this crisis.

We typically send a few teams to compete in the challenge. We have won the event multiple times, but the last couple of years we have competed from our home gym and sent in our numbers. This year we lost by 1 meter! 1 meter! Ugh.

Here’s the workout:

20 Min Max meter ski erg

with 4 person teams switching every 20-30 seconds or 15-20 pulls.

We usually have co-ed teams participate, but this year the format was male and female teams

Solo Version:

:30 Sprint on any machine/1:30 rest X 10 rounds

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