Challenge- October


“Tail Pipe”

This is one of the first workouts we ever did at GOAT. I really had no idea what to do with the new gym. I didn’t really know how to program, how to coach, or how to appropriately build a strength program. I learned, I studied, and I tried lots of different approaches. We have swung from one end of the spectrum to the next end. I had been dogmatic that whatever new methodology I found was the “only way” to train. This was a workout from Gym Jones who helped us develop as a gym in the beginning, but we quickly realized we needed to take a different approach.

Eventually we discovered that it wasn’t wrong, there’s no wrong movements or wrong method. But there is wrong effort. You can’t do this style of workouts all the time. Well, that’s how we started. Lots and lots of workouts like this. Our egos got the best of us cause people were talking about us! “Have you heard of GOAT?” “Their workouts are so hard!” This gained us recognition and we thought that was good. Sadly, I think we lost some clients in the early stages cause we almost shamed people into hard efforts when some of them didn’t need it.

We used to say, “Pick what you hate” and have changed that mentality to “pick what you need”. If you need a hard effort, great. But looking at the workout as a need seems to be a big shift toward something that is appropriate.

At first this helped us become the talk of the town, but for long term health and long term development it probably wasn’t appropriate. We do this kind of workout rarely but when we do it’s a great reminder of some induced suffering. Finding a workout that is a struggle in a controlled environment can set you up for more resilience in the real world.

So, you’ve gotten this far. Ask yourself, “Do I need to do this?”


Partner Version

Partner 1: 250 meter Row

Partner 2: Double KB Rack Hold (men: 44-53# KB’s and Women: 26-35# KB’s)

You will each perform this 3 times each. (If the partner that is holding has to set the kettlebs down, then the rower must stop)

Solo Version:

  1. 250 M Row

2. KB Rack Hold for the amount of time it took you to row 250 m

X 3 rounds

Strong men’s teams are just under 5 min, strong women around 6 min

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