12.21 Challenge

A few of us (myself, Robbie Prechtl and Dan Reynolds) have decided to participate in a silly gym competition. Not sure if we will actually be competing, probably just trying to finish. Our friends at Nonprophet in Salt Lake City have put together a 12 hour ski, bike and row team challenge from 12 noon to 12 midnight on New Years Eve. Yes, it’s a gym challenge which seems silly. Yes, it’s 12 hours which seems silly.

Sometimes doing something that makes you nervous and uncomfortable is just the thing to get your butt in gear. This Fall I have been in a funk. With the change of weather, lack of snow, and being busier than I’d like, I needed something like this to push me in the right direction.

We decided to do a 2 hour session to determine the effort and pace. It looked like this (Solo version below):

Partner 1: 10 Cal Ski

Partner 2: 10 Cal ski

Partner 3: 10 Cal Ski

Partner 1: 10 Cal Bike

Partner 2: 10 Cal Bike

Partner 3: 10 cal Bike

Partner 1: 10 cal row

Partner 2: 10 Cal Row

Partner 3: 10 Cal Row

then you will go back through and all do 20, then all do 30, then 40, then 50. Start back at 10 and continue for 2 hours. Each round totals 1350 cals for a team of 3. The 12 Hour event will be how many rounds you can complete in the 12 hours. Finding a pace that is manageable for 12 hours is crucial. It is not going to be a cardiovascular effort, it will be managing muscle fatigue, joint fatigue, and nutrition. If you want to join in on the fun let us know! We can come up with something remote for 3-4 hours solo. We can come up with something that will work for the equipment you have. We determined that our pace will be 850-1050 cals per hour for the 12 hours, most likely…

Solo Version:

10 Cal ski

10 Cal Bike

10 Cal Row

1 min rest

20 Cal on each machine

2 min rest

30 cal on each machine

3 min rest

40 cal on each Machine

4 min rest

50 Cal on each machine

5 min rest

Start back at 10 cals and repeat until 2 hours

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