April Challenge

Cycle Effect Bike Challenge

Every year we have a fundraising event when the ski season is winding down and we are moving into bike season. We have a fundraiser for Cycle Effect every year since we opened the gym. We love this organization and if you don’t know about it check it out here: https://www.thecycleeffect.org

Teams of 4

20 Minutes max meters on the Bike Erg

We usually pay attention to the watts on the bike and try to maximize the watts over 20 minutes. Usually :20 on the bike and switching off is the best method. If you are smaller you will not be able to produce as many watts as a bigger guy, but it is a stationary machine…

It’s just for fun. Fun to get people together, give awareness and raise some money for Cycle Effect. In reality is just good hard “fun”.

Even if you don’t have a team or have a bike erg do something hard for 20 min! Donate to Cycle Effect or some organization you love. Call a friend, take a friend to dinner, challenge yourself, hug your family and be thankful for what you have!


Men- average Watts for 20 min. = 552

Women- average watts for 20 min.= 375

Co-ed– average watts for 20 min= 481

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