4.25 Strength


New program!

Squat and Bench Press

8 @ RPE-8, then take 5% off and do 2 more sets of 8. If you don’t hit RPE-8 correctly you can either take more weight off if you were closer to an RPE-9 or not take weight off if you were closer to an RPE-7. Here is a sample: 3-4 warmup sets and you got to 100# on your squat for RPE-8, then you will do 2 more sets at 95#.

Accessory Work:

Part 1: 4 Rounds

2 Sled Pulls into 500 meter bike then take 1:00 rest (Sled pulls are fantastic for quad development and tendon strength around the knee)

Part 2: 4 rounds

10 DB Push Press into 10 Plank Row 5 each side (try to use the same weight)

STUFF: 3 Rounds

  1. Back Extensions
  2. 10-15 Curls
  3. Banded Hip Flexor March
  4. 10-15 Tricep Extensions
  5. Reverse Nordics
  6. 10-15 Lateral Raises

ABS: 3 Rounds

10 Weighted Situps

10 Wheels

1:00 Plank

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