5.5 Home Workout

Home Workout

5 Min EMOM’s

In this workout there are 6 different EMOM’s (every minute on the minute). You will complete the reps given at the top of every minute, once finished with reps then you will have a hold or isometric exercise to complete until the minute is complete for the remaining time.

Part 1: 5 min EMOM

10 Gob Squats–Elbow Plank for Remaining time

Part 2: 5 Min EMOM

10 Pushups–Wall sit for remainder

Part 3: 5 Min EMOM

10 Weighted Step Ups– Mt Climbers for remaining time

Part 4: 5 Min EMOM

10 Thrusters– Situps for remaining

Part 5: 5 Min EMOM

10 Plank Row–Lunge Hold for remaining time (round 1- right leg lunge hold, next minute- left leg and on the 5th minute squat hold

Part 6: 5 Min EMOM

15 Swings– Hand Plank remaining

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