4.22 Get The GOAT

After a big challenge or an event like the Cycle Effect Fundraiser I try to do something a little more laid back…I did not say easy! I just try to create a workout that is motivating and allows people to go at their own pace. This is a variation of a Hyrox workout. There are a few gym members that might be competing at a Hyrox competition. Most of our people are not gym people and their testing ground for fitness is outside, but every once and a while it’s fun to test yourself in a different setting. In reality, we love anything that is motivating, gets you moving and challenges you to be better. If that’s a Spartan race…great. If that’s a marathon…great. If that’s the Grand Traverse…great. Sometimes it is helpful to test yourself, have something to keep you accountable, and events can help create that!

50 Min Max rounds (there were a couple people that were moving really fast and almost completed 2 rounds. You can easily sub any exercise if you don’t have something available.)

  1. 400 meter run
  2. 1000 meter ski
  3. 400 meter run
  4. 50 meter sled push or 100 step ups
  5. 400 meter Run
  6. 1000 meter ROW
  7. 400 Meter Run
  8. 20 Burpee Pullups or 40 burpees (if you cannot do pull-ups)
  9. 400 meter Run
  10. 200 meter Farmer Carry with 35-70# KB’s in each hand
  11. 400 Meter Run
  12. 50 Wall Balls with 12-20# Wall Balls (sub Thrusters if needed)

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