2.10 Home Workout

Home Workout

Part 1:

6 minute EMOM (Every minute on the minute complete exercise then remaining time in the minute perform the hold. Typically you will have 30-45 sec remaining to do wall sits. This will be 6 minutes of work, but take 2-3 minutes of rest between each separate 6 min EMOM)

10-15 DB Press into Wall Sit for remaining time

Part 2: 6 minute EMOM

5-8 Burpees into lunge hold (you will do 3 each side. minute 1: 5 burpees into right leg lunge hold. Minute 2: 5 burpees and left leg lunge hold for remaining time and so on…)

Part 3: 6 Min EMOM

8-10 Gob Squats into Plank Hold on hands

Part 4: 6 Min EMOM

10-15 KB Swings into Plank Hold on elbows

Part 5: 6 Min EMOM

10 Step ups 5 each side into overhead DB hold with same weight

ABS: 3 rounds

20 Side Bend Each side

20 Side Crunch each side

20 Russian Twists each side

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