2.11 GET The GOAT

This one is doozy! Ideally it is done with a team of 3, but solo versions will be below

45 min Max Reps and Calories

Buy In: This is done solo

50 Calories Machine

50 Wall Balls

50 Cal Machine

50 Wall Balls

The remaining Time take max Cals/reps from this: (If someone finishes the buy in before you, then they can get working. Once your full team is there you must switch off every 10 Calories or Reps)

100 Calorie Ski

100 Calorie Bike

100 Calorie Row

100 Burpees

Some teams almost made it through 2 rounds. Best Total reps/cals was 785. This workout will leave you pretty sore if you haven’t done Wall Balls in a while, so adjust accordingly.


If you are crazy enough you could attempt to do this solo. Our resident freak show and photographer that took these photos, Robbie Prechtl, got 610 Cals/reps. I will attempt this solo next week.

SOLO Version:

50 cal-40 cal- 30 Cal- 20 Cal-10 Cal

  1. Machine
  2. 15 Walls Balls
  3. Machine
  4. 15 Burpees

The first round you will do 50 calories on two machines, second round 40 Calories on two machines, and so on until you reach 10.

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