1.21 Get The GOAT

Still doing some solo workouts until things chill out. It looks like the Covid spike might be on its way down.


55 min time cap

10 Cal Machine

1 KB Complex

10 Cal Machine

1 Plate Push

10 Cal Machine

1 Burpee Pullup or 10 Plank Rows

Each round increase 10 calories on each machine and one rep on exercise. We alternated through ski, bike and then row, but you might not have access to 3 machines

Looks like this:

10 cal machine-1 rep, then 20 cal machine-2 reps, then 30 cals-3reps, then 40 cals-4 reps, 50 cals- 5 reps. Completed when you get to 55 minutes or reach the 50’s and 5 reps.

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