The Process

We planned on doing multiple versions of Murph, but the weather was not ideal for running outside. Instead I threw together a Murph variation that I thought would be easier…well it wasn’t.

With Teams of 6 we did max calories on the bike. Each team member would bike for 1:00 then when they got off they had to complete 10 pull-ups, 20 pushups, and 30 air squats. You needed to move quickly before your next turn on the bike. 5 minutes sounded easy, but after round 5 it got terribly hard. We did 10 total rounds. It’s the same amount of reps as a full murph but it was much more of a cardiovascular effort than I expected cause you couldn’t take it easy on the bike.

Why do we do hard things? This hard effort was an honor/tribute workout for LT Michael Murphy. Did we know him? No. These Memorial workouts can get silly sometimes and before the workout I tried to give some focus around it. It’s not just about doing something that is hard. It’s about remembrance. Remembering that it is an honor to even attempt something like this. Remembering that we are quite privileged. When you wanted to slow down or take it easy you had to remember that this is not a true struggle. It’s about remembering that others have sacrificed for us, so we can do silly things like this workout. It’s about remembering that doing hard things with others does not just happen. Remembering that the community that we have does not happen by accident. Today, my muscles are reminding me of that. I do not take it lightly. Don’t take it lightly. This day and every day is a gift.

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