The Process

Why do we lift? I know this might sound like I am preaching to the choir. You have already shown up to the GOATFeed. You have already been lifting and training, but it’s still nice to re-affirm your efforts and remind you why strength training is so important. So, here we go:

  1. Strong Bones- Your bones are like muscles. They need to be stressed. They need to be loaded. They need to be rebuilt. This happens when we stay active and apply load to the overall system.
  2. Independence- This is my favorite reason for lifting. I love feeling capable. I can go bike, hike, run, ski and do anything. I might not be able to do all those things at a high level unless I practice them, but I enjoy doing a little bit of everything. If I start racing again, then I will need to become more specific with my training.
  3. Power Development- This time of year we continually hear from our cyclists that their power on the bike is shocking. They have been lifting all Winter and are walking into the bike season with tons of power. They might not have the fitness yet, but that will come.
  4. Proprioception- this is your body’s awareness of movement, action and location. Strength training gives you the ability to have better balance and sense of control in space.
  5. Resiliency- Your body becomes tougher, stronger and more capable to recover from stresses. Your likelihood of injury is reduced. The magnitude of injuries are reduced. This keeps you playing and enjoying the the activities you love.

When you have low motivation or you are trying to encourage others to start training these are all great reminders of how important it is. Too many people are concerned with how they look or working out to look a certain way. We like to say, appearance is the consequence of fitness. If looks are the focus you will never be satisfied and it’s too fleeting of a motivator.

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