Strength Oct 4th


Squat and Bench Press

8 at RPE-8, then break up 32 reps over 4-6 sets…yes 32. You might be sore, but that is part of the programming right now. The volume of work might have a special effect. That seems to be the trend in the gym this week. Some times it is nice to have some feelings of soreness, but being debilitated is not ideal. That would mean we have gone a little too far. Being sore is not the goal and not evidence of a good workout. It could be stress, nutrition or conditioning that could a factor, but if you feel super sore each week…something is off.

Accessory Work:

Part 1: 3 Rounds

2 Sleds

15 Swings

5 Box Jumps

Part 2: 3 Rounds

10-15 Bent Over Rows

5 Pullups

10-15 Reverse Flys

ARMS: 3 Rounds

10-15 Curls

10-15 Tricep Ext

10-15 Lat Raises

ABS: 3 Rounds

10 Wheels

20 Weighted Situps

20 Russ Twists

Team LEGS:

:20 Squat

:10 Hold

X 6 rounds

(Add a little weight if you were able to finish all 6 rounds last week without stopping.)

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