Strength Nov. 10th


2- Count Pause Squat or Deadlifts. (You choose)

6 at RPE-8, then break up 12 more reps

Forehead Pause Press

6 at RPE-8, then break up 12 more reps. Pause at the forehead on the way up. This supplemental lift is great for strength, but also for technique. The weight is typically 15-20% less than normal press, so adjust the effort.


Pullups to RPE-9, then take half of those reps and complete those reps every minute on the minute for 5 sets

(example: 10 Pullups to RPE-9, then 5 reps Every minute on the minute “EMOM”)

Accessory Work


20 Weighted High step ups to knee height to RPE-8 into 5 slow tempo Gob Squats X 3 sets

Part 2:

Pushups to RPE-9 into 10-15 Bench Row each side X 3 sets. (for pushups do as many reps as possible until close to failure or technique declines. You can elevate your pushups for better quality. If you are strong with pushups from the ground then try elevating your feet or adding weight to your back.)

Small Stuff:

  1. Calf Raises
  2. Back Ext
  3. Reverse Nordics
  4. Reverse Hypers (most people do not have access to a reverse hyper, so skip this one)
  5. Copenhagens
  6. Banded Hip Flexor March

Team ABS: 3 rounds

1:00 each

  1. V-ups
  2. Bike Crunch
  3. Plank

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