Home Workout #1

Home Workout #1

Part 1:

10 Split Squats (5 each side) into 10-15 Glute Bridge each side X 3 sets

for split squats you can use dumbbells, kettlebells, weighted backpack, etc…

Part 2: 

5 Renegade Rows into 10-15 Push Press X 3 sets

(1 Renegage row= Pushup, plank row, plank row)

For part 1 and 2, rest 1-2 minutes between sets


10-15 Curls

10-15 Tricep Ext Kickbacks 

10-15 Lateral Raises

3 Rounds


20 Wipers

20 Situps (weighted if possible)

20 Russian Twists

3 Rounds

Small Stuff:

  1. Copenhagens
  2. Reverse Nordics
  3. Calf Raises

3 Rounds

Ski Prep Legs:

:20 Squat

:10 Hold

6 rounds

The home workouts are designed with the idea that everyone at least has dumbbells.  If you don’t, leave and go get some now!  If you have a kettlebell even better, but we are not expecting that you have a rack at home.  If your dumbbells are too light for the effort use the weights that you have and do as many reps until you reach an RPE-9.

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