Get The GOAT

For the next 4 weeks we will be moving to more sustained efforts, no rest but pacing will come down. We included the sprint efforts on Wednesday cause we are getting close to ski season. It’s mud season, so now we are including more cardiovascular efforts in the gym since it’s harder to get outside. Knowing how to pace is crucial!

50 Min Max Rounds

  1. 20 Cal Ski
  2. 20 Jump Lunges
  3. 20 Cal Bike
  4. 20 Bench Hops
  5. 20 Cal Row
  6. 20 Jump Squats


If you only have one machine that is fine. If you don’t have a machine, then do an 800 meter run.

If you need to reduce the joint stress, then do 20 Reverse lunges, 40 Mountain Climbers and Air Squats

There is a twist though: Every 10 Minutes, stop and do 10 Burpees. When done return to the movement you were on.

I added another element to some groups that were working out together. I called it “Tag You’re It!”. If someone catches up to you, then you had a penalty. If you get “tagged” then you got bumped out of line and had to either do 20 Cals on the Airbike or 20 Cals on the Air Runner.

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