Get The GOAT

Get The GOAT

Teams of 3-4 or solo version below

Workout for time:

Buy In (solo): 21 Weighted Burpees or “Devil’s Press”. This buy In begins with each team member working individually. Whoever finishes first will get started on the team portion

Team: 3000 Meter ski (if you have a team of 3 or 4 I would suggest switching ever :20-:30 sec)

Buy In (solo): 15 Weighted Burpees.

Team: 6000 Meter Bike (teams should switch at around :30)

Buy In (solo): 9 Weighted Burpees

Team: 3000 m Row

“The twist”= Every 10 minutes every must stop no matter where you are in the workout and do 40 Jump Lunges. Be smart about strategy. If you have someone that is really fast on bodyweight movements but not as strong on the machines, have them set up to crush the exercises and get on the machine as quick as possible.

Fastest Times of the day: 36:15 put down by Chad, Landa, Tait and John Mark. An impressive time of 39:12 for 3 girls (Erica, Meg, and Hannah) that crush the machines and Hannah of course moves so fast through the exercises.

Here are two solo versions:

Harder Solo version

  1. 21 Weighted Burpees
  2. 3000 ski erg
  3. 15 Weighted Burpees
  4. 6000 m bike
  5. 9 Weighted Burpees
  6. 3000 m Row

Stop every 10 min and do 40 Jump Lunges

Regular Solo Version:

Part 1: 5 rounds

250 m Ski

5 Weighted Burpees

1:00 Rest

Part 2: 5 rounds

500 m Bike

20 Reverse Lunges

1:00 Rest

Part 3: 5 Rounds

250 m Row

1:00 rest (No exercise on this one)

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